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The Billboard

Why a people-powered billboard?

We see billboards every day. Constructed out of wood, metal, and pixels, they greet us with messages designed to motivate us to action.

But, what if there was more to it? What if the people were the billboard? Literally, people—with a message about working together? There are a lot of people who are already doing amazing things through collaboration, and Red Hat asked them to work together to form the first people-powered billboard—to create a live example of how collaboration works.

We want to show that when people come together to work towards a common goal, something pretty cool can happen. We know it may seem like just a billboard. But, to us, it's a great way to show the power of communities, the importance of collaboration, and the strength of connections.

Roll over the panels to learn more about the great people powering the billboard. These are our customers, our partners, our associates, and community members who are using open source methodologies to change their world. You'll see that this is more than just a billboard. It's a mosaic of stories—a collection of people who are changing the world together.

Stories from the people behind the billboard

People Powered Billboard People Powered Billboard
Matt Wood
Fraley Marshall
Francisco Chavez
Jen Newmeyer
Kathryn Elias
Mary Allison Raper
Morgan Servie
Regina Leonard
Robin Bruce
Charles Yow
Troy Webb
Amanda Cheney
Dorothy Raynes
Linda Nunnallee
Robin Pate
Shana Filter
Toni Case
Aaron Williamson
Allison Harris
Ana Marshall
Andrew Blum
Andrew Butcher
Andrew Stephenson
Annie K Tucker
Arjay Hinek
Beverly Heustess
Brent Simoneaux
Caitlin Goodwin
Cam Kelly
Chantal Weedman
Chris Negus
Christi Turner
Christina Klimvakis
Clarence Clayton
Dana Kahn
Erik Newby
Evan Barnette
Gina Likins
Homa Seyedalshohadaei
Hope Lynch
Jackie Eddy
Jamie Williams Chappell
Jeff Bond
Jessica Ryhanych
Jessy Oxenberg
JP Sherman
Kelly Braun
Kim Jokisch
Kristen Hunt
Krystal Peters
Liesl Mathis
Linda Snyder
Lindsay Barfield Hamilton
Madison McMahan
Mallory Root
Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Mark Caron
Mason Sanders
Megan Kennedy
Michelle Cella
Narayanan Raghavan
Nate Woodward
Nichole Skjerbek
Nikki Jacobs
Rachel Anderson
Rebecca Fernandez
Rob Byars
Russ McMullin
Ruth Suehle
Ryan Wilson
Sarah Bienkowski
Sarabeth Hogshire
Thomas Cameron
Tom Callaway
Tyler Diacon
Jackie Yeaney
Lee Congdon
Michael Cunningham
Jed Gant
Ricardo Roberts
Libby Levi
Colin Dodd
John Adams
Cami Hough
Kelly Andrews
Paula Weigel
Karen Gard
Jenna Slawson
Jess Schaefer
Jen Mara
Nate Woodward
Kris Bowen

The people behind the billboard

Read some of the stories of the community leaders that brought the people-powered billboard to life.

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How We Work

Red Hat and open source

At Red Hat, when we talk about collaboration, we're talking about our open source approach to creating technology. We prefer working where the design process is open, everyone has the same information, and everyone is free to make improvements.

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Communities are more innovative than companies

We show up with code, people, resources, and 20 years of productive experience. Communities provide feedback, more code, more people, and a passion for solving problems shared by our enterprise customers. Working together is the best way to solve problems.

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