Why attend?

Red Hat Summit is where choice and opportunity converge, revealing paths to unlocking your potential. Join us in San Francisco to learn, network, and plot the next steps in your career.

What to expect

We recognize that the questions you ask shape your path, and you’re looking for direction among countless choices. At Red Hat Summit, you can turn to the experts behind the code to help you find the answers you need to get to where you want to go. Because no one can do it alone—and open source means you don’t have to.

Summit lobby

Who attends?

From career IT pro to open source contributor to partners and vendors, Red Hat Summit is home to all kinds of people. No matter your role, you’ll get ahead with practical insights in IT innovations and foundations alike. We’ll share the latest in open hybrid cloud, automation, cloud-native app dev, and so, so much more.

Summit attendee

Convince your boss

You’ve done your research on Red Hat Summit. You know the importance of an immersive week exploring timely insights, developing new skills, and cultivating strong connections. But maybe your boss needs a little help recognizing this event’s unique value.

Use our email template to make your case for how Red Hat Summit can help you realize your endless, tremendous potential.

Red Hat Summit through the years

Since 2005 in New Orleans, we’ve traveled across the U.S. and around the world, bringing together customers, partners, and community enthusiasts. Every year, we’ve sought to create a vibrant hub that can take you from questions to answers, from ideas to reality, and from here—anywhere.

Fun facts:

In 2008

You had to use your first-generation iPhone to share Red Hat Summit impressions with Twitter’s approximately 1 million users

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