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Go behind the scenes of Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Voir le replay du 20 avril 2021
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‘Walk the Walls’ is a virtual tour of Red Hat’s award winning Open Innovation Labs Residency. You’ll learn about the principles of open innovation and decision-making, and how product development teams put them into practice. We’ll also show you how to build an ‘army of advocates’ in your organisation to support your change initiatives and deliver transformative outcomes.

What to expect

The virtual tour is designed for anyone involved in product development, innovation and change management programmes.

You will: 

  • Hear how Red Hat customers solved their business challenges with a Labs Residency; 
  • See what drives the development of a new product, including the importance of team dynamics and culture;
  • Learn how effective collaboration can be achieved with distributed teams;
  • Understand how the Open Product Development Framework allows teams to continuously evolve their product.


Duration: 75 min
Maximum audience: 20 attendees

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Chris Baynham Hughes

Client Innovation Advocate - EMEA, Red Hat

Chris Baynham-Hughes is the Client Innovation Advocate for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in EMEA. He is passionate about discovering and establishing better ways of working for teams, organisations and leaders. Chris maintains that the key to unlocking potential within these groups is first to establish true purpose and to nurture that within a psychologically safe environment; in short, it’s culture first.