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Red Hat, HPE & Intel: Digital Transformation Roadshow

  • 22 aprile 2016 e 5 giugno 2016
  • European Tour


The Digital Transformation Challenge is set to challenge, disrupt and divide companies into the digital thrivers and the digital survivors. According to IDC, two thirds of the Global 200 Enterprises will see their CEOs put Digital Transformation at the centre of the company’s corporate strategy.

Digital Transformation will affect all aspects of IT as it ushers in a new generation of technology that encompasses real-time decision platforms, cognitive systems and the Internet of Things. Red Hat, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel have teamed together to help you understand and benefit from the Digital Transformation – with a focus on establishing a realtime infrastructure based on SAP HANA platform – and to ensure that you and your company become a digital thriver rather than a digital survivor.



Market Trends

  • How digital transformation is challenging enterprises to change

The Red Hat HPE Intel SAP approach

  • Red Hat, HPE & Intel relationship & joint solutions, offerings
  • Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA with Red Hat, HPE & Intel

How to run your future business with SAP

  • Business models & industries Use cases







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