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Diversity & inclusion

A diverse, inclusive meritocracy

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At Red Hat, we believe that good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, regardless of job title or hierarchy. Diversity fuels our meritocratic culture by bringing in many perspectives and ideas, challenging our assumptions, and inspiring innovation. Diverse perspectives welcome.


Smarter together

With 105+ offices in 40+ countries, plus many Red Hatters working remotely, we work collaboratively in globally distributed teams. Our projects benefit from having many different cultures and perspectives at work. It helps us refine our ideas and gives us a better understanding of our customers and the world.


Open changes everything

We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing, so we take an open and inclusive approach to communicating, collaborating, and making decisions. Our efforts to cultivate diversity and an inclusive environment go beyond our own company to reach open source communities and the broader technology industry.

The D&I communities provide a safe space for open dialogue within and across diverse groups. The open source model shows that incorporating diverse experiences and knowledge leads to better outcomes. Red Hat’s D&I communities make this possible.

Allie Jacobs
Senior Interaction Designer

Together we can do more

We celebrate Red Hatters making a difference and inspire people, globally, to get involved.

At Red Hat, we believe that open source is the future of technology. We're proud to recognize the contributions women are making and inspire a new generation to join the open source movement. Meet Megan Byrd-Sanicki and Netha Hussain, our 2020 Women in Open Source Award winners.

Co.Lab, a program within Red Hat’s Open Source Stories, introduces students to the principles of open source and inspires them to bring the power of collaboration to their own communities. Using open hardware and methodologies, Co.Lab has held workshops around the world to teach students why being open is a better way to work together―and a more effective way to solve problems.

The Red Hat Open Source for Education (ROSE) project is a cross-community effort that brings students from Tira together with students from Ra'anana to the Red Hat® offices in Israel to learn about the Linux® operating system and Python programming. The students spent 6 months on a weekly basis working and learning together.


Engaged. Inspired. Involved.

At Red Hat, we know we can do more as a community than as individuals. Red Hatters join diversity and inclusion communities—also known as affinity groups or employee resource groups—to celebrate our differences and shared experiences.


Pride is a global community of empowered individuals bound by a common purpose: to unlock the potential of LGBTQ+ Red Hatters and partner with allies to foster a culture of inclusion.

Military Veterans

The Military Veterans community empowers the voices of veterans and their allies to amplify their contributions and opportunities within Red Hat’s collaborative culture by harnessing their leadership and experience.


Blacks United in Leadership and Diversity (B.U.I.L.D.) exists to foster a connected community of Black Red Hatters and their allies. It supports Red Hat’s efforts to recruit, develop, engage, and retain Black associates through community outreach, social engagement, and professional development.


The Neurodiversity community empowers Red Hatters by removing the stigma surrounding neurodiversity and mental health and by embracing a mission that celebrates, educates, develops, and creates a network of support for those with neurological differences.

Women's Leadership

The Women’s Leadership community is a thriving global network of women from across Red Hat. From Raleigh to Pune, community members come together to share ideas, engage in discussions, and attend leadership and educational events.

Native & Indigenous

The Native American and Indigenous community promotes awareness of indigenous populations and cultures worldwide through educational opportunities, and seeks to increase their presence throughout the technology field.


Unidos focuses on recruiting future Red Hatters from Latinx and Hispanic communities around the world, educating associates on the different cultures that exist and empowering future generations by promoting Latinx and Hispanic diversity within the technology industry.

Get inspired. Get involved.

Here are just a few examples of our diversity and inclusion outreach efforts:

  • You’ll find Red Hatters sharing learning opportunities in open source, working with initiatives like Co.Lab and providing scholarships for students to attend DevConf open source conferences each year. Since 2014, Red Hat has also sponsored Open Source Day at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration, which highlights women in computing.

  • Red Hat also sponsors Outreachy, a nonprofit program offering internships with free and open source software projects to those facing underrepresentation, systemic bias, or discrimination in the technology industry of their country. Since 2010, Red Hatters have mentored more than 100 Outreachy interns.

Where Red Hat stands

At Red Hat, we value diversity, inclusion, and equality of voices—not only for Red Hatters, but also our partners, customers, the broader technology industry, and the communities where we live and work. Our business is deeply rooted in the principles of collaboration and inclusive meritocracy, where good ideas can come from anywhere, and the best ideas win.

DeLisa Alexander
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

By the numbers

Employment demographics

At Red Hat, we believe that the more diverse we are, the better we can innovate, serve customers, and contribute to the open source communities in which we participate. Every day, we’re working to be a more diverse and inclusive company.

Red Hat

Global headcount: 15,389
Average age: 40


Average age of Red Hatters in technical roles: 39
This data excludes those at or above the vice president level


Average age of Red Hatters in nontechnical roles: 41
This data excludes those at or above the vice president level


Average age of Red Hatters in leadership roles: 52
This data includes those at or above the vice president level

Gender Equality Reports

Red Hat encourages a creative, culturally diverse, respectful, and supportive work environment where individuals have an opportunity to build rewarding careers. This includes paying all associates equitably for comparable roles, skills, and experience. View our gender equality reports by country and learn what we're doing to support gender equality.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Read the 2019 report
Read the 2018 report
Read the 2017 report

France Gender Equality Report

Read the 2019 report
Read the 2018 report

* Data is from February 2020. Data for gender represents the global Red Hat population. Data for ethnicity represents only the U.S. Red Hat population, and terms reflect the U.S. government’s reporting requirements. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

** Other includes American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander.

Diverse perspectives welcome