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Transparency and collaboration make everything better―including design. The Red Hat® User Experience Design (UXD) team applies open source ideas to the design of products and technology solutions across our portfolio.

Connect through collaboration

Great ideas come from all over. So do great designers. Our team―more than 90 strong―works across the world, from our Raleigh, NC headquarters, to Westford, MA, to China and India. And the range of disciplines we represent is almost as wide as our global reach.

Interaction design

Create information architectures and task flows that map to users’ daily reality, then work with software developers to bring them to life.

Visual design

Translate Red Hat’s identity into our software through visual themes, layouts, icons, user interface controls, and other visual components.

Use-case architecture

Envision how our products can solve user problems, then translate that vision into possibilities for the user interface.

User research

Learn who our users are and what they need from our products, then test early concepts and finished products to make sure we meet those needs.

Front-end development

Transform designs into functional user interfaces that connect with back-end technology.

Connect through community

Creating a cohesive user experience across a product portfolio as diverse as Red Hat’s is a challenge.

To meet that challenge, we created PatternFly, an open source project that provides common resources to design and build clean, modern, usable enterprise web applications. These resources include style guidelines, design patterns, and the code to build it all.

While the project initially focused on Red Hat products, PatternFly is an open community for designers, developers, and other user experience specialists.

Learn more about PatternFly

PatternFly has allowed us to leverage the familiar layouts and classes that Bootstrap gives us whilst giving us a fresh look with minimal effort. It means we can continue to focus our efforts on the application itself.

Michael Dyrynda
web developer, Hostworks

Connect through transparency

Great design creates a strong connection between users and the systems they work with. On the Red Hat User Experience Design (UXD) team, we believe the best experiences emerge from open design, development, and testing processes.

We practice our craft the open source way. Its principles of open exchange, participation, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community propel our investigation of ideas from all kinds of sources. We try new approaches and discard what doesn’t work. Ultimately, the strongest idea remains.

We design in the open. We engage with designers all over the world, learning new approaches and testing our own practices. We open up our process to our customers, making their ideas part of our solutions.

Our process produces experiences that surpass our customers’ expectations, accomplish their goals, and unify the Red Hat product portfolio.

Let's connect

Do you love the challenge of turning complex use cases into sophisticated experiences? Do you believe the best user experiences come from open processes? Join our User Experience Design team and contribute world-class product design to Red Hat and the open source community.

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