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The DevOps Game:Identifying and assessing unseen resource constraints

About this video

If you’re familiar with The Phoenix Project, chances are you know Bill Palmer, Erik Reid, and their journey to keep Parts Unlimited afloat, despite complexities and constraints within the organization. Distinguished authors Kevin Behr and John Willis hosted The Devops Game - Exploring The Phoenix Project 10 years later where they played the roles of Bill and Eric to discuss new challenges that have resulted from Parts Unlimited’s cloud-first strategy.

Part 2 (of 3-part series):

Like most enterprises, Parts Unlimited has limitations when it comes to budgeting and staffing. Lead Engineer Brent Geller knows how to do everything, he is responsive to everyone, and generally the most helpful individual in the room. In this episode, we sit down with the trio as they break down the resource constraints and skills gap of their CEO's cloud-first strategy.

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