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The New Security Challenge in a 5G MEC World

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According to GSMA's Intelligence Operators survey, operators are far more likely to lead with IoT as their main value-added proposition when selling to enterprise customers. 40% of operators in Asia Pacific choose IoT as their lead solution over other communications and enterprise networking services. As operators extend their IoT capabilities into 5G B2B propositions for smart manufacturing or other industrial use cases, many have bundled adjacent services such as cloud and analytics to enable business outcomes for enterprises. Security in IoT and 5G, however, is the foundation that enterprises become confident that the data can be relied on for business critical decisions. At MWC Shanghai 2021 we will focus on why 5G IoT security is different in the B2B context, how operators are securing their networks, and how 5G security services are essential to operators’ B2B strategy.

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10 febbraio 2021