Red Hat JBoss EAP 7.3 Kubernetes Operator Demo

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Watch how to install the JBoss EAP operator on Red Hat® OpenShift®, create your first EAP application with a Wild Fly Server, and configure the number of nodes, specify storage, and more. Deploying JBoss EAP 7.3 to the OpenShift Container Platform from OperatorHub is quick and easy, and the Red Hat EAP Operator allows you to configure and deploy EAP applications at scale.

Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application 7 (JBoss EAP) is a middleware platform built on open standards and compliant with the Java Enterprise Edition 7 specification. JBoss EAP is available as part of Red Hat Runtimes, as a standalone, and as a containerized image designed for use with Red Hat OpenShift.

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