Secure container image management: Using Atomic Registry on Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform

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When working with container-based applications, admins and developers need a place to store and share container images, a way to deploy them, as well as a way to monitor and administer them once they’re deployed.

Atomic Registry provides a place to store and share Docker formatted container images that are saved as images that can be shared with others, and the self-service and admin interfaces make it easy to manage container images on Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform.

In this webcast, Red Hat software engineer Aaron Weitekamp demonstrates using Atomic Registry and other tools in upstream projects to:

-create private registries
-integrate authentication with identity providers
-control user access to container images
-discover registry images using a web browser user interface
-learn to create a container, upload it to the registry, then consume it in an application

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28 gennaio 2016