Red Hat Satellite 6: Securing the Linux life cycle in the public sector

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The public sector has been hit hard with a number of cyber breaches, often due to application stacks running on hosts lacking essential security patches. Monitoring critical enterprise Linux infrastructure is complex and often hindered by poor governance, fragmented management applications, and unnecessary exposure to the public internet.

In this session, learn how Red Hat Satellite 6 is designed to address these all-too-common vulnerabilities with highly structured workflows for deploying standard Linux builds, from early stages to production. Satellite 6 goes further with integrated Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) scanning that combines common vulnerability reporting and misconfigurations into an actionable dashboard tailored for large-scale Linux. You'll also learn how Satellite 6 offers all of its essential security services in a fully disconnected capacity to further protect critical computing assets from infiltration and common exposures.

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