Today Red Hat's JBoss team took the final wraps off of Arquillian 1.0, an award-winning open source framework that makes it easier to run Java EE code tests inside the container. As a result, developers now have a means of testing the behavior of code inside a real runtime environment, which allows them to monitor behaviors and test against container managed resources more quickly and with less effort.  Arquillian will be available and fully supported in the release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0.

Today's unveiling comes with some industry accolades. The Arquillian project – which developed Arquillian 1.0 and is part of Red Hat's effort to bring a more comprehensive testing toolsets to developers – has been bestowed a Duke's Choice Award for Java Innovation. The Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology and are presented to the most innovative projects using the Java platform. This award comes on the heels of Red Hat's recognition as “Most Innovative Java Company” at JAXconf 2011. Both honors highlight Red Hat's success in creating an innovative, comprehensive testing tool set for developers and the company's role as a leader in Java and open source solutions.

That leadership and innovation is on display in Arquillian 1.0, which brings a breath of fresh air to the application code testing stage. Developers have long had to fend for themselves during this phase, burdened with bootstrapping the infrastructure on which the test depends. Arquillian 1.0 lightens that burden by providing complete test execution management.

Arquillian 1.0:

  • Manages the lifecycle of the container
  • Bundles the test class with independent classes and resources into a deployable archive
  • Enhances the test class (e.q., resolving @Inject, @EJB and @Resource injections)
  • Deploys the archive and integrates with multiple containers
  • Captures results and failures

All testing can be done in a remote, managed or embedded container, freeing users from proprietary test environments and allowing users to select the optimal container to suit their needs. Arquillian 1.0 can also deploy an archive to the container so the test can interact as a remote client.

For more information about Arquillian, view a demo of the framework, watch a presentation from JBoss World 2010, or visit