The integration of technology into all areas of a business (the “digital transformation” we hear so much about) is fundamentally changing how organizations operate as well as how they deliver value to customers. An example is Lockheed Martin, who opted to undergo an eight-week agile transformation labs residency to implement an open source architecture onboard the F-22 and simultaneously disentangle its web of embedded systems. But such transformation can also create new challenges, from additional competitive pressures to increased customer expectations.

To help overcome these challenges, Red Hat is introducing a family of solutions to help optimize infrastructure, modernize applications and accelerate innovation while supporting customers in their journey to the open hybrid cloud. Red Hat Modernization and Migration Solutions are designed to help customers realize the benefits of open technologies and adopt containers, Kubernetes and hybrid cloud-ready platforms. The family of solutions offers a path for customers from restrictive, proprietary environments to more flexible and (often) less costly open source alternatives, in an iterative approach.

Using Red Hat’s technology and expertise, customers can reduce infrastructure and application complexity while still modernizing their platforms and processes.

With a range of capabilities to help unlock the benefits of open source across infrastructure, applications, process and culture, Red Hat Modernization and Migration Solutions are geared for flexibility and enabling long term success. Specific solution offerings include:

  • The Red Hat infrastructure migration solution helps customers migrate from expensive proprietary virtualization infrastructures to modern, open alternatives using Red Hat’s methodology. This solution can help organizations accelerate the adoption of transformational technologies like Linux containers, hyperconverged platforms, automation and multicloud management. This new infrastructure can reduce complexity while eliminating decades of technical debt accumulated inadvertently over the years with overlapping technologies, long-forgotten requirements and “good enough” architectures.

  • Many organizations want to adopt hybrid cloud architecture, Linux containers and modern application development, but their workloads are stuck in traditional environments, which can be costly to maintain, complex to manage, and with technical debt. Whether it's n-tier architectures or classic virtualization, bringing traditional workloads into a platform that is suitable for hybrid cloud is critical to simplifying IT environments. Red Hat's application modernization and migration solution is designed to help organizations optimize their existing environments and ready their applications for the hybrid cloud.

  • Container platforms provide powerful technology to accelerate the development and delivery of applications but adopting and integrating this technology requires a methodical approach and industry expertise. Red Hat’s container adoption program helps in all phases with incremental delivery of a modern container-based infrastructure with the necessary organizational process change.

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Gordon Tillmore leads Product Marketing for Red Hat’s Horizontal Solutions team. Throughout his tenure at Red Hat, he has served as a Product Marketing Manager for many Red Hat products and technologies, and he also led the Account-Based Marketing and Services Marketing teams. A graduate of the University of Virginia and American University, Gordon resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and son.

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