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The importance of utilizing containers goes beyond being a supporting block for agile and DevOps. Utilizing new technology can help organizations realize people and process changes that support modernization and container adoption is an opportunity and a catalyst that helps to cause a chain reaction in the way organizations deliver software.

Our Red Hat Consulting thought leaders delve into successful application onboarding, workload migration to Kubernetes, and share how containers can be linked to wide-scale transformation and business impact at Red Hat Virtual Summit. Best practices and insights will be revealed such as:

  • How to identify and demonstrate you're delivering your top I.T. business goals
  • Tackling business challenges with an agile approach that allows for continuous improvement
  • How open ways of working can assist your team in driving continuous improvement through enhanced understanding of what needs to change and how to give your team time to deliver

Learn more in our Discovery session on How to accelerate business-level impact with container adoption.


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