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The 2015 Ceph Day schedule is on its way. Rest assured, our radio silence on new events over the past few months has been down to planning for an even more packed 2015 itinerary. At the same time, we have been furiously updating the Ceph YouTube Channel with sessions from last year's events.

For the uninitiated, Ceph Days are the major upstream events for the Ceph community. With the project's core developers forced to come forward and tell us what they are up to, there is no better place to find out the latest on Ceph and the project's future direction. The events combine these updates with new ideas, advice and best practice examples from the project's leading global users, consultants, and hardware partners.

This year will see a slight revamp of the Ceph Day program to make sure the content is always fresh and interesting. Expect slightly more variation between the morning and afternoon sessions, with the morning offering more of the "overview", with high-level information, and the afternoon providing more of a deeper exploration of the technology aimed at developers.

Although nothing is set in stone for 2015, we have tentative plans to touch down in San Francisco, Shanghai, Munich, NYC, Amsterdam, Austin, Tokyo, and Melbourne. A few other cities have been suggested, but it will all come down to how many events we can fit in while still doing them well.

Meanwhile, if you can't wait while we finalize the details for this year's program, you can take a look at some of the highlights from 2014. The team has been hard at work updating the Ceph YouTube Channel with presentation videos from Ceph Day events at the end of last year in Paris, London, and Boston, as well as other presentations from around the globe. In addition to Ceph Days and talks in the wild, a new series of Ceph Tech Talks is launching that will be recorded and distributed on the YouTube channel for general consumption, so stay tuned for that.

Anyone keen to find out the latest on file storage and the status of CephFS, should definitely take a look at John Spray's London update on YouTube. The channel also has new material from the Developer Summits, as well as an aggregation of anything Ceph-related that we stumbled across at the end of last year.

If you have any Ceph-related video you would like added to the channel, please let us know about it.

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