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Since we launched Inktank (which is now part of Red Hat), we’ve racked up a ton of frequent flyer miles visiting conferences and meetups around the world to spread the gospel of Ceph. Although there are events almost everywhere, there are some wonderful places we just haven’t been to yet. That’s where Ceph Days come in - they let us bring the community to you:

So heads up, Boston! We'll be in town next Tuesday, June 10th, with a full day that starts with a keynote from Sage Weil and includes speakers from Dell, Mellanox, and HGST. Following the sessions, you can join a roundtable discussion with all of the speakers and find answers to all of your burning questions. Attending Ceph Days provides a great opportunity to meet folks from the project and chat about Ceph.

Ceph Days connect the community of users and contributors face-to-face, help us share knowledge, and highlight lessons from those who have real-world deployments. During the first Ceph Day, hosted in Amsterdam by our friends at 42on, we met a lot of the folks who are pillars of the community today. Since then, we’ve hosted Ceph Days in New York City, Santa Clara, London, and Frankfurt, and we are planning more events.

The Ceph Days Boston event is $100 and there are still tickets available. You can sign up at the Ceph Day Boston event page.

See you there!

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