Welcome to our monthly series of blinded stories to highlight how customers are using Red Hat solutions to address business challenges and promote innovation.

This month highlights a migration from TIBCO to Red Hat Fuse with a Midwestern energy company, whose productivity was being drained by an outdated, unsupported version of TIBCO middleware.

This made it difficult for the IT team to create new applications and interfaces. Not only was a software update quoted at seven figures - two figures above the utility’s budget - but the company’s sole TIBCO consultant departed without leaving behind a record of knowledge.

Ultimately, the energy company decided it could not move forward with TIBCO and began evaluating alternative middleware platforms.

Red Hat Fuse, an open source, lightweight, modular integration platform, met the company’s current and future needs with an advanced enterprise service bus that connected assets across the utility.

Tasked with guiding deployment and integration, Red Hat Consulting professionals helped migrate TIBCO applications and interfaces to Red Hat Fuse. The consultants used the platform’s native toolkit to modernize the applications and interfaces based on open source standards - restoring state-of-the-art capabilities to the utility’s middleware system.

The migration helped resolve widespread developer frustration and increased the IT department’s capacity.

Freed from reliance on a lone TIBCO consultant, bottlenecks once caused by the consultant’s lack of availability were released with company-wide interface access and a wealth of digestible resources. Capable of continuous integration and deployment, Red Hat Fuse also accelerated the company’s ability to build, test, and deploy new applications and interfaces - reducing time to market from weeks to days.

Capable of delivering new capabilities where and when they are needed, the utility’s middleware team is better positioned than ever to meet today’s needs and prepare for future development opportunities.

To learn more about our approach to application migrations from TIBCO, view our datasheet here.

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