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By Jonathan Gershater, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Red Hat Summit and for the first time in San Francisco, April 14-17! At the Infrastructure as a Service zone of the Red Hat Booth, there will be demos of our cloud and virtualization technologies.

We'll be showing a live demonstration of the latest OpenStack innovations with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4, based on the Havana release. If you've ever been interested in learning more about what OpenStack is, or might already be experienced with OpenStack and would like to see the latest feature enhancements, be sure to stop by for a chat with an IaaS expert. We'll be showing the Horizon dashboard,  images, tenants, volumes, and networks with an easy point and click interface to:

  • Launch a virtual machine instance
  • Attach storage
  • Connect to networks
  • Suspend or terminate a virtual instance
  • Create tenants
  • View usage
  • and much more...

In addition, we'll also share some info on how to use the command line tools. Along with scriptable methods to automate the above tasks, you can experience the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to automate daily tasks that provision, de-provision, and re-provision cloud infrastructure resources.

There is also a demo of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3. This customer-proven traditional virtualization solution provides everything you need to virtualize traditional enterprise servers and virtual desktop workloads. This document compares the pricing of Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization with the pricing of VMware vSphere 5.5 for server virtualization. As the use cases detailed here reveal, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization can cost 50-80% less than VMware vSphere 5.5. Download this guide for details.

Perhaps you're looking for an alternative virtualization infrastructure to help combat expensive proprietary infrastructures and avoid vendor lock-in risks, or maybe you're already a customer and would like to experience the latest features and functionality, join us at the IaaS Zone of the Red Hat booth to experience it for yourself. We'll be showcasing basic to advance capabilities, such as:

  • Live migration of virtual machines between hosts
  • Templates
  • Integrated Red Hat Storage
  • Self-hosted Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager
  • Integration with a Directory Server for authentication and authorization
  • Snapshots
  • Integration with the OpensSack image service
  • Cloud-Init provisions virtual machines with initial setup (including networking, SSH keys, timezone, user data injection, and more).
  • Browser-based administrator portal
  • Browser-based self-service user portal
  • And much more...

For an end-to-end, enterprise-ready solution, be sure to ask about Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure. Red Hat Cloud infrastructure provides a complete IaaS cloud management solution integrating with your existing VMware, Amazon Web Services, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and OpenStack infrastructure.
At this demo, you'll view:

  • Self-Service Provisioning
  • Workload management
  • Chargeback/showback
  • Deploying N-tier services vs simple VMs
  • Public cloud bursting/flexing to Amazon
  • And much more...

With 10 years of experience putting on these Summit's, they only get better. With an incredible lineup of sessions, labs, and hands-on workshops, I'm confident this will be the best Red Hat Summit yet! I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco! Register using code TWT14 for $1000 off on-site pricing


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