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What is being announced?

On June 22, 2016, Red Hat announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 3scale. The acquisition is subject to certain customary closing conditions.

How many people are employed by 3scale and where are they located?

3scale has more than 40 employees and has offices in San Francisco and Barcelona.

What does 3scale do?

            3scale offers a popular API Management Platform delivered in an “as-a-Service” offering.

Its API Management Platform is distributed, cloud-based, and includes various deployment options for agents to enforce API traffic policies and support hybrid API management architectures.

What is the rationale for this acquisition?

API management capabilities are becoming increasingly important and strategic for Red Hat customers. In many cases, API management is a make-or-break requirement for customers looking for integration solutions, and it is increasingly a requirement in cloud application platforms. Acquiring 3scale enables Red Hat to address these evolving requirements quickly and effectively.

Red Hat has collaborated with 3scale for more than a year, resulting in successful joint solutions and customers. Based on this experience, and 3scale’s strong combination of technology, brand, customers, talent, cultural chemistry, and more, we believe they are a great fit for Red Hat.

How do 3scale’s products complement Red Hat’s solutions?

APIs are a prerequisite in today’s technology-driven economy. A robust API strategy includes API development as well as API management. The 3scale API management capabilities are highly complementary to the API development capabilities in the existing Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio (Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Red Hat JBoss BRMS, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), and others) and also with the elastic cloud environment provided by Red Hat OpenShift, our award-winning cloud-based container application platform.

Does Red Hat plan to continue development of 3scale products?

3scale has a well-defined roadmap of planned capabilities based on customer requirements and the competitive landscape, and Red Hat plans to continue this work.

How will the acquisition benefit 3scale’s customers?

More than 700 organizations around the world from a wide variety of industries use 3scale’s technology. 3scale’s existing customers can benefit from strengthened and accelerated continuation of development against 3scale’s vision, strategy, and roadmap--extended and expanded with Red Hat’s world-class support, customer engagement, and commitment to open source innovation. Red Hat will honor 3scale’s current customer contracts and provide support as required.

Will Red Hat open source 3scale technology?

3scale’s API gateways are built on the Nginx and Varnish open source technologies. Red Hat has long shown its commitment to open-sourcing the technology it acquires, and we plan to do the same with the 3scale technology.

How will the acquisition impact 3scale partners?

Red Hat has a broad global ecosystem of both business and technology partners. We plan to continue relationships with 3scale’s partners by bringing Red Hat’s larger and more expansive partner programs and enablement resources to augment 3scale’s programs.

How will this acquisition impact Red Hat’s partners?

Given the high and growing demand for API management capabilities in modern application development and integration projects, we expect that existing Red Hat Jboss Middleware partners will eagerly welcome this addition to our portfolio.

Can I still purchase 3scale products?

            Yes, 3scale’s current API management offering will continue for the foreseeable future.

Should 3scale customers continue to call 3scale customer support?

Customers should contact 3scale for support as they did before the acquisition, using to file support tickets.

Should 3scale customers continue to contact their 3scale sales representative?

Yes, 3scale customers should continue interacting with their existing 3scale points of contact.

Where can I find out more information about the Red Hat and 3scale combination?

            You can find additional information in the press release, available at


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