The Fedora Project just marked its fifth anniversary! Our domain name was created on September 24, 2003 at 10:32:11 UTC. Not content to simply eat cake and ice cream, we wanted to use the occasion to give back even more to our community. So we’re celebrating this milestone with the release of Fedora 10 (Cambridge) Beta. With a freeze in place on all major features, we’re ready to make final improvements in preparation for the November 2008 launch of Fedora 10.

Check out the Beta release notes and download the Beta to take it for a test drive. With a great line up of enhancements, here are just a few of the Beta highlights:

  • NetworkManager connection sharing for easy set up of an ad-hoc wifi network on a machine with a network connection and a spare wireless card
  • Improved management and handling of printers
  • Remote virtual installation and easier virtualization storage
  • Sectool, a security and audit system and intrusion detection tool
  • RPM 4.6

The Fedora Project also has reason to celebrate after wrapping up a successful Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) in Brno, Czech Republic earlier this month. We had around 110 people in attendance for the three-day event, which included sessions and a couple of days devoted to hackfest. Read all about it in Red Hat Magazine where Max Spevack, Red Hat’s manager of Community Architecture, shares highlights from the event.

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