Last January we embarked on a journey to capture the spirit of the developers, programmers, hackers, geeks and open source champions on the front line, transforming technology from the command line up. The result was a new podcast—Command Line Heroes—that dove into the epic stories of how the technology industry became what it is today.

This season we’re going deeper! In the first seven episodes, we’ll explore topics that are shaping IT infrastructure and modern development. We’ll also demonstrate how mastery of each can lead to some amazing and inspirational results in a final eighth episode.

Our fearless, charismatic and knowledgeable guide, Saron Yitbarek, returns to take us through the latest adventure. Kicking off the season, we'll look at the origins of community patterns from old-school classics like Colossal Cave Adventure that live on today in online games like Fortnite and in many open source projects.

Next, we’ll go back to our roots and revisit the advent of the modern high-level programming language and how it changed the course of history, specifically exploring the origins of compilers and the free software movement. As the season progresses, we’ll explore the act of committing code, how failure plays a crucial role in development, IT security, the expanding data storage landscape, supercomputing, the future of development that lies with hybrid cloud and serverless—and much more!

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