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Keeping management simple, standard and flexible has been a central theme in designing and developing our management solutions. Today we are pleased to announce the next major update to our JBoss management solution, JBoss Operations Network (ON). JBoss ON 2.3 is available in conjunction with the availability of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.0.

This is a significant update because with the launch of this new platform customers will have access to a comprehensive management solution to help optimize their deployments and get the most out of the modular and flexible platforms.

JBoss ON helps customers move up to the next generation Java application platform confidently using application management that is available for enterprise adoption of the latest Java platform.

Customers that are familiar with JBoss ON in previous JBoss Enterprise Application Platform versions should have the same consistent management experience in their new platforms. Additionally, JBoss ON is designed to manage mixed mode environments seamlessly.

In release version 2.3, JBoss ON has three key features:

1.Discovery, inventory, dependency management, configuration management, application deployment, patch update, deployment and content management, availability and performance management of the application server, JVM, Web connector and virtual host. These capabilities allow JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 customers to leverage a broad set of management features out of the box to operationalize their deployments without any wait time or additional management software.

2. An API for SOA Platform and Java clients to access a number of features within JBoss ON, such as user/role/group management, inventory search, monitoring, alerting, package deployment and operations execution. With the availability of this new API, customers can now access JBoss ON directly from their existing in house or 3rd party tools, improving interoperability between JBoss and proprietary vendor products and protecting existing infrastructure investments.

3. A Command Line interface that supports secured remote access to the JBoss ON management server and allows for state-ful script execution, and access to all of the API calls remotely through a simplified API calling facility. The full functional CLI helps operations teams to access JBoss ON outside of a GUI console, providing a means to embed JBoss management in custom application management solutions.

This release of JBoss ON comes close on the heels of our version 2.2 release, earlier this summer, which demonstrates our commitment to innovation and delivering comprehensive management tools to our customers.

JBoss ON provides application management for the entire JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio, including; JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise Web Server and JBoss SOA Platform products.

To learn more about JBoss ON please visit the JBoss ON product website.

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