From dramatically increased telework demands to a surge in online services usage, IT teams are facing a new set of realities in managing their hybrid cloud environments. For IT decision-makers, this goes above and beyond just keeping infrastructure running and efficient; it’s about budget. Solving these new challenges often requires additional spending on infrastructure, something that IT teams simply may not have. This makes it critically important that IT teams can more quickly and easily see the totality of their IT costs across the hybrid cloud.

We’re pleased to introduce a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering intended to help our customers better understand the costs of their OpenShift environments: OpenShift cost management. Available free of charge as part of a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscription, OpenShift cost management provides a simplified, more intuitive view into the costs, from the macro to the granular, of an OpenShift deployment.

Available through, OpenShift cost management goes beyond tools that measure and monitor Kubernetes usage in the public cloud - it’s truly a hybrid cloud cost management service. This means it aggregates and displays the costs of your deployment across bare-metal servers, virtual machines, private clouds and public cloud infrastructure, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Beyond simply providing a unified view of a deployment’s cost landscape, OpenShift cost management also enables:

  • Cost models for applying markup ratios to monitored infrastructure, helping to reflect the real costs of a production environment.

  • Tagging to map charges to projects and internal organizations, using an organization’s existing taxonomy.

We believe that the addition of this service to help manage the overall costs of an OpenShift environment is key for our customers in the face of dynamic, evolving global challenges. Being able to more effectively understand the budgetary constraints of a hybrid cloud deployment based on Red Hat OpenShift, from the public cloud to bare-metal servers, is a critical piece of the enterprise IT mix for keeping operations running smoothly while still maintaining commitment to innovation.

Learn about getting started with OpenShift cost management on Red Hat's customer portal

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