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As developers look to lightweight frameworks and languages for faster, more efficient creation of applications, they must choose from many alternatives. In addition to expediting development, they also need to ensure that applications intended for enterprise production deployments have all of the mission-critical attributes they require, including scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, failover and security.

A key component to our JBoss Open Choice strategy is enabling developers to select the development languages and frameworks that work best for them, and supporting those applications on the JBoss Application Server. Because flexibility and choice are integral to Red Hat as a whole, we are pleased to introduce TorqueBox 1.0.

TorqueBox, a JBoss Community project, builds upon the JBoss Application Server community project, mixing in JRuby, to provide a scalable platform for Ruby applications, including Rails, Sinatra and other Rack-based frameworks. TorqueBox enables developers to leverage the speed and efficiency of developing Ruby applications. And combined with JBoss Application Server, TorqueBox delivers additional stability, performance and enterprise features.

TorqueBox 1.0 features:

  • Rack – TorqueBox supports Rack 1.1.0, including Rails 2.3.x, Rails 3.x, Sinatra and others. Rack applications are served as first-class resources within the web container. In addition, the web container is clusterable, and web sessions may be shared between nodes without any additional configuration.

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – High-performance tried-and-true Java Database Connectivity drivers power your ActiveRecord and other database access.

  • Daemons – TorqueBox provides the framework to manage your daemon-like Ruby components, and starts and stops them with your application. What you do in the middle is up to you.

To learn more about TorqueBox, visit

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