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This week, the JBoss team will be attending JAXconf 2011 to give technical presentations and tutorials on JBoss Community projects, as well as provide a sneak preview of JBoss Application Server 7, which is scheduled for launch later this summer. As a Gold Sponsor at the event, the JBoss team will be holding a JBoss Day and Night on June 21 featuring sessions and an interactive lab using JBoss Drools and Drools Fusion.

Gavin King from the JBoss core development team is presenting a session on the Ceylon Language Module at 11 a.m. PT on Thursday, June 23, while Dan Allen, principal software engineer, is giving an all-day tutorial on Java Enterprise Edition 6 at 9 a.m. PT on Monday, June 20. Ashesh Badani, senior director of the middleware business unit, will also be at the show to meet with press, developers and analysts.

A brief list of sessions and speakers on JBoss Day are available online and below. Stop by Booth #313 at the show, and don’t hesitate to come to JBoss Day on June 21!



The Mobile Web Revealed For The Java Developer

Jay Balunas, Red Hat

2011-06-21 | 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM

Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are rapidly becoming the primary web client for many users. With this comes new requirements to support the vast number of devices, operating systems, resolutions, and features available. Server side and client side Java developers have a huge opportunity, but there are also a vast number of variables, and uncertainty.

This session will flush out some of those variables and clear up some of the uncertainty. Jay is going to outline several tools and development kits, that may be helpful for you as you’re getting started. The session also aims to help you map out a path forward with your mobile development plans.


7 reasons to love JBoss Application Server 7

Daniel Allen, Red Hat

2011-06-21 | 04:45 PM - 06:00 PM

This session dispels a long-standing misconception that Java EE application servers are inherently slow. JBoss Application Server 7 is slated to include more features than ever before and offer up to a 10-fold reduction in startup time and memory consumption over the previous generation. We believe it will be everything you've wanted in an application server: fast startup, lightweight footprint, modular down to the core, consistent administration and multi-server management mode. Under all that is a server powered by first class components developed in the JBoss Community (JBoss Modules, Weld, Infinispan, HornetQ, etc).


JBoss Drools and Drools Fusion (CEP): Making Business Rules react to RTE

Tihomir Surdilovic, Red Hat

2011-06-21 | 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

This session will introduce JBoss Drools - Popular business rules engine and JBoss Drools Fusion - a complex event processing engine which is an extension to business rules. With business rules, enterprises can now build agile applications that quickly react to change in market conditions or internal operations.


LAB: BYOL (Bring your own laptop): Apply JBoss Drools and CEP to your application

Tihomir Surdilovic, Red Hat

2011-06-21 | 08:15 PM - 10:00 PM

This lab will provide hands on experience with JBoss Drools and Drools Fusion (CEP). Drools core developers will be around to help you build your rules based applications.

Whether you are new to JBoss Drools or already using it, this is your opportunity to experience it with some of the core developers of JBoss Drools.



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