Recently Red Hat released an update to JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON), our integrated management platform for centralized systems management of JBoss Enterprise Middleware. JBoss ON provides JBoss-specific management information that can be used standalone or integrated with existing tools from other system management vendors. It enables customers to:

  • Expose a cohesive view of middleware components despite complex environments,
  • Improve operational efficiency and reliability through visibility into production availability and performance,
  • Effectively configure and roll out new applications across complex environments through a single integrated tool.

JBoss ON management functions include discovery and inventory, configuration management, application deployment (and roll-back), availability management, performance management, and content management. This functionality is important in optimizing performance, maintaining visibility and auditing to maintain systems and share vital information and statistics through diverse teams.

All of these features help our customers more quickly and effectively manage their mission-critical JBoss Enterprise Middleware deployments, and now can help our customers manage their cloud deployments as well. Recently we asked IDC Research to formally poll our customers about their satisfaction with JBoss ON and we were not surprised by the positive feedback.

The study was primarily conducted in order to measure ROI and is based on standard IDC ROI methodology used to calculate average cost savings resulting from higher availability, including changes in downtime, improved IT efficiency, and increased user productivity resulting from using JBoss Operations Network.

Based on data from interviews with IT managers from organizations using JBoss Operations Network, IDC’s JBoss ON ROI analysis yielded an average 634% ROI - more than six times the initial investment - and an average payback period for the initial investment of 5.3 months for the IT organizations in the study. Further, IT managers also claimed improved end-user productivity, while downtime hours per month were reduced. Participants also identified other annual savings through improvements in IT efficiency, absolute software/hardware savings, and other indirect cost savings.

To learn more about JBoss ON and how it can reduce complexity and improve visibility, please go to this link to watch the webinar, visit the web page, and read the full IDC Research JBoss ON ROI study, please visit

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