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Today, we officially announced the availability of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 beta. A huge thanks to all the engineers who worked so hard to make this beta release possible!

This release marks a significant milestone in enterprise Java application development. It is, of course, an important and critical step towards the eventual GA release. But, more importantly, this beta release is built specifically to meet the new needs of organization today and represents the next evolution of enterprise Java technologies.

News today is dominated by stories of how organizations such as Uber, Amazon, Netflix and Airbnb are using software to disrupt traditional business models {can we link to a Craig Muzilla or some other blog/video/something that discusses this popular keynote topic?}. These organizations are the most popular examples. However, across every industry and in every market, there are others seeking to emulate these disruptive examples and build new approaches to doing business.

For many large organizations, Java EE is their platform of choice. They've invested millions in their Java developer workforce and are wondering – how can I stay competitive in the face of disruptive software? Is the traditional Java EE monolith the only way I can build Java applications? Does my choice of platform dictate my application architecture? Can I really take advantage of DevOps, microservices architectures, and the benefits of cloud environments with Java EE?

With JBoss EAP 7, we believe you can! JBoss EAP 7 expands on the foundation established by JBoss EAP 6 by offering even more of what Java organizations need to stay competitive as they move into a future of cloud, containers, DevOps, and microservices.

In the weeks leading up to the GA release, we'll use this blog to discuss these subjects as they relate to enterprise Java application development and business. We'll share insights from our leadership and engineering team. And we'll provide guidance about how to adopt new enterprise Java into traditional Java EE environments to increase agility and speed time to market.

We hope you obtain valuable business insight from what you read here. For developer and users of JBoss EAP 7 beta looking to get up to speed quickly with the new product, please visit our blog on Red Hat Developer. If you have any special requests or feedback for us, please feel free to leave them in the comments section so we can consider them for future posts!

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