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PatternFly logo The UXD team has been hard at work churning out PatternFly releases at a regular cadence, steadily increasing the number of design patterns and design pattern implementations. In recent releases we introduced a number of changes aimed at simplifying the consumption and contribution processes for both designers and developers.

There are a number of ways we want to improve and scale out PatternFly that can’t be addressed without introducing breaking changes to the project. As such, we’ve had a series of planning meetings to address those concerns and build out a roadmap for our community to plan around and coordinate their efforts.

The PatternFly roadmap consists of two major releases over the course of the next year. In PatternFly 4, the first of these major releases, we will provide an immediate solution for developers looking to take advantage of PatternFly in their Angular 2 applications. PatternFly 5 will follow with a more complete strategy for scaling out PatternFly by taking a modular approach in both our pattern designs and implementations...

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