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Open source principles help improve the world in a variety of ways. See how you can use them to make a positive impact.

The Red Hat® Shares newsletter helps IT leaders navigate the complicated world of IT―the open source way.




Open source is about more than just code

We’re passionate about open source principles, processes, and culture because we believe they create better software and a better world.

In open source communities, hobbyists and tech professionals often go beyond open source software, working together to solve interesting, complex problems―and improve people’s lives. We’ve covered some of their stories, including how people are using open source tech and principles to 3D-print prosthetic limbs, grow healthy food, advocate for transparency in healthcare, and more.

At Red Hat, open source also goes beyond technology. For instance, our open organization empowers associates to stand up for what’s best for our customers. (Red Hat meetings are often … spirited.) We help enterprises adopt a more open culture so they can get their products and services to market faster. And our Open Innovation Labs help customers speed their own innovation.

This issue of Red Hat Shares includes stories about how applying open source processes, culture, and technology can help save the planet, facilitate DevOps success, inspire students to be problem solvers, and more.



Fight for the planet: Building an open platform and open culture at Greenpeace

This article explains that “to address the ecological problems of the 21st century, Greenpeace needed to become a more open organization.”



5 open source principles that help DevOps teams excel

Find out how aspects of open source culture can set up your DevOps team for success. 



How spicy should a jalapeño be?

The MARSfarm program encourages students to become problem solvers by combining open source tech with agriculture.




Deutsche Bank saves time and money with open source cloud solution

Germany’s leading bank needed a cloud-based approach to support its current business and future data needs. To build its strategic as-a-Service platform, Deutsche Bank sought an open source solution. 



“Open source expands our possibilities. It’s a rich ecosystem with so much value to use and contribute back to, allowing us to work faster and focus on our business problems.”

Source: Global Head of Cloud, Application, and Integration Platforms, Deutsche Bank. “Global bank democratizes application development with centralized platform.” Red Hat, 2019.


Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 is here

This release is all about developers


The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change

Get practical advice for creating a more open IT department—one that can deliver better, faster results. 


Know someone who should be the 2020 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year? 

Nominations accepted through Dec. 2, 2019


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