Red Hat® Shares covered lots of tech topics during a turbulent year. Check out our 10 most popular stories from 2020 and some IT leaders’ priorities for 2021.

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2020: A year like no other

It’s safe to say 2020 has been an unforgettable year.

We’ve seen the terrifying (COVID-19, “murder” hornets), the hopeful (promising COVID-19 vaccine trial results, a global reawakening to issues related to racial inequity), the thought-provoking ("unidentified aerial phenomena" videos released by the U.S. government), and the downright weird (a puppy born with green fur, a drumming duck named Ben Afquack).

While we didn’t film UFOs or train waterfowl to play percussion instruments, Red Hat Shares did cover some timely and important technology topics this year―from edge computing to Kubernetes to automation―as well as our first virtual Red Hat Summit.

In our end-of-year issue, check out the top 10 Red Hat Shares stories from 2020, Red Hat’s 2021 Global Tech Outlook, advice on how to prepare your IT infrastructure for the next 10 years, how we’re helping fight COVID-19, and more.

If we've learned anything this year, it's that no matter your industry or expertise, there’s a way to influence change for the better and care for the people around you. Please take care of yourselves and each other.



Top 10 most popular Red Hat Shares stories of 2020


Learning Kubernetes basics 8-minute read

What is Kubernetes? 11-minute read

Red Hat’s approach to edge computing 8-minute read

Getting started with Kubernetes 4-minute read

Understanding edge computing 3-minute read

Understanding automation 5-minute read

AnsibleFest 2020

Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience (scroll down to see the highlights video)

How to navigate the Kubernetes learning curve 3-minute read

Introduction to Kubernetes architecture 6-minute read


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2021 Global Tech Outlook

In our annual survey report, see stats about the technology goals and priorities of 1,470 IT professionals―a mix of Red Hat customers and a broader industry panel―around the world. 15-minute read

of respondents (the majority) said improving collaboration between IT and the business is most important for their companies to succeed in digital transformation.

said they’re most likely to consider using artificial intelligence/machine learning over the next year.

(the majority) described their cloud strategy as hybrid cloud.

(the majority) said IT security is their top IT funding priority over the next year.



What is open hybrid cloud and how does it work?

An open approach is essential to success in a world of hybrid IT. Organizations that adopt our hybrid cloud strategy will be able to adapt to inevitable change. 6-minute read


Save the dates (yes, dates): Red Hat Summit 2021

Next year’s Red Hat Summit is expanding into an all-new, flexible, 3-part conference series to offer you more opportunities to tell your story.


Preparing your IT infrastructure for the next 10 years, featuring Forrester Research

In this webinar, Red Hat’s Brian Gracely talks to Dave Bartoletti of Forrester Research about top trends and emerging technologies that are shaping the enterprise. 53-minute video 



Deep learning-based screening tool can help triage COVID-19 cases

Red Hat is collaborating with DarwinAI and Boston Children's Hospital to create a platform designed to better help healthcare workers combat COVID-19. 5-minute read 




Open Source Stories―How to start a robot revolution


"How to Start a Robot Revolution"

This 5-part documentary is the story of ROS (Robot Operating System) and the people who turned this open source software into a global phenomenon. 


Command Line Heroes podcast: Season 6―The Inventors  

(Perfect for holiday binge-listening.)


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