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Red Hat® JBoss® AMQ 7, released in April of 2017, is a flexible and lightweight messaging platform that easily integrates various application components. It combines the performance and efficiency of reactive programming with a more flexible architecture, giving you a strong foundation for building distributed, reactive message-driven applications.

Join us on Thursday, September 28, 2017 for a free webinar on JBoss AMQ 7 broker basics.

In this webinar, we'll focus on the redesigned AMQ 7 broker, which is based on ActiveMQ Artemis. It supports a variety of languages and protocols and is supported to work seamlessly with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Topics will include:

  • An introduction to messaging systems, JBoss AMQ, and the new features in JBoss AMQ 7.
  • Creating and managing an AMQ 7 broker instance.
  • Defining queues, topics, and addresses.




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