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Our focus at Zmanda is to develop and deliver world-class backup solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary backup software. Open source development methodology has proven to be an excellent mechanism to deliver that goal. RHX will provide another boost to this goal, by providing a low-cost selling mechanism for Zmanda.

Red Hat is the leading provider of open source solutions. A program which allows Zmanda to reach Red Hat’s current and future installed base is exactly what we were looking for. Backup is a horizontal application which is needed by every company. Unfortunately, most backup software options are characterized by high cost and complexity (both in use and pricing schemes). Even the buying process of backup software can be arcane. Some system administrators equate buying of backup software to buying airline tickets – your neighbor on the plane likely paid a very different amount to get to the same destination as your. The simplicity and extreme cost-effectiveness of Zmanda’s backup solution will add significant value to RHX customers.

For more information on Zmanda and RHX, visit here.

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