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Automate SOE provisioning

Standardize and accelerate systems provisioning for consistency and efficiency

As organizations grow, system specifications become monolithic, inflexible, and inconsistent with little to no ability to model or evolve builds outside the actual provisioning effort. The lack of environment-specific, flexible build approaches and standards creates error-prone, manual configurations and patching—a reality that few businesses can afford today.

Red Hat® Consulting helps you create a predictable, repeatable, and reliable infrastructure, allowing you to:

  • Eliminate guesswork and errors with proven, standardized systems delivery and management.
  • Slash wait time and labor with fully automated provisioning of virtual and bare-metal servers.
  • Establish a highly scalable, single-pane-of-glass SOE management platform across environments and datacenters.
  • Maintain environment and operational consistency throughout your infrastructure.

Download this datasheet, and learn more about how Red Hat Consulting can help you efficiently grow and manage a complex infrastructure.