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Red Hat exclusive workshop for Elbit

Date: 24.7.2018
Time09:00 - 17:00
Location: Red Hat office - 34 Derech Yerushalayim St., Raanana, Floor 1 
Topic: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Openshift is a complete container application platform that brings Docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise. Openshift helps you build, deploy and manage container-based applications at scale across physical, virtual an public cloud infrastructure. Openshift provides development and operations a complete set of tools and automated workflows to easily get your source code into ready-to-run docker -formatted images. Openshift integrates with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools for you to start streamlining your application delivery.

Main topics:

  • Introduction to Containers and OpenShift Container Platform 
  • OpenShift Vs. do it yourself.
  • Hands-on: 
    • We will be deploying a ​Java based application (web + database) on the platform, which will help us become familiar with Open​S​hift concepts and constructs.

​​You will learn how to

  • Deploy your First Docker Image
  • ​Creating Routes
  • Application Scaling
  • Deployment Strategies​
  • Deploy Java Code
  • Add a Database (MongoDB)
  • ​The OpenShift SDN​
  • ​Application Logging
  • Automate Deployment with CICD pipeline
  • Source 2 Image (compiling) for Code Changes
  • Us​ing​ Application Templates​

Join us to learn more about Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.