Container-native storage for the OpenShift masses

  • 21 marzo 2018
  • Webinar

Container-native storage for the OpenShift masses

Containers are a developer's best friend. Quickly developing your code, dropping it into a container and running it anywhere you like can be intoxicating. But what happens to that container once it leaves your laptop? What do your Ops teams have to know, and what do they have to do to keep your containers happy and healthy and scaled up for production? 
Join this webinar about how container-native storage offers developers the ability to dynamically provision storage for their modern applications. Exploring your containers' journey using practical examples, we'll cover:

  • What actually happens when you create a Linux® container with Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform.
  • How container-native storage lets you dynamically provision storage for your modern applications.
  • How to persist your Red Hat Gluster Storage container registry with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.5.


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Jamie Duncan, cloud solutions architect, Red Hat

Jamie Duncan, Red Hat cloud solutions architect (also called "cloud guy"), focuses on problems unique to public sector customers. He works on cloud-enabling technologies like OpenStack®, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift among others. With most of these technologies, Jamie's been involved with them since their infancy. Prior to Red Hat, he worked in the "big web" world and spent some time at a bioinformatics startup.