Open systems and building an agile oil & gas company

  • 19 giugno 2018
  • Webinar

Open systems and building an agile oil & gas company

If you want to hear and see how using open development platforms and open standards can deliver a flexible and agile technology foundation for oil & gas companies, then you have to attend this webinar. Oil & gas companies have historically thrown budget at large, expensive, and relatively inflexible systems that struggle to adapt to wide swings in the commodity market. Let’s change that.

In this webinar, you’ll see why working in a non-proprietary and open environment will deliver advantages as your business transforms. Come hear some advice on how you can prepare for digital transformation, Internet of Things, cognitive computing, and more through an open approach to technical transformation.


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Duration: 60 minutes

Kevin Prouty, group vice president, Energy and Manufacturing Insights, IDC

Kevin Prouty is group vice president for IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights. He manages a group of analysts who provide research-based advisory and consulting services that help energy executives in oil and gas and utilities maximize the business value of their technology investments and minimize technology risk through accurate planning. Kevin's research specialties are utilities, manufacturing, enterprise applications, and product innovation research.


Chad McIntyre, sales director, North America, Red Hat

Chad McIntyre is the director of Sales for North America at Red Hat. He leads sales strategy and revenue growth across the utility and oil and gas sectors , where his focus spans customers, partners, and strategic energy communities. At Red Hat for 14 years, Chad recently held a leadership role in