Transform your data from a burden into an asset

  • 3 giugno 2016
  • Webinar

Red Hat® Gluster Storage (formerly Red Hat Storage Server) is open, software-defined file storage that scales out as much as you need. You can easily and securely manage big, unstructured, and semistructured data at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Traditional storage limits innovation

10 years ago, you could estimate how much storage you needed and buy disk space accordingly. Today, businesses generate at least 40-60% of additional data each year. Predicting a maximum amount of storage is no longer possible, and buying massive amounts of capacity up front is wasteful.

Red Hat Gluster Storage scales linearly instead of just up, so you can:

  • Add or remove compute, I/O bandwidth, or storage when your capacity and performance needs change.
  • Repurpose existing hardware on the fly.
  • Respond to business changes quickly without creating a standalone storage environment for each new initiative.

And only Red Hat lets you deploy the same storage on premise or in a public or hybrid cloud. Unlike rigid proprietary storage solutions, Red Hat Gluster Storage doesn't tie you to someone else's innovation cycles or to a hardware configuration they choose. The software runs on any x86 hardware or public cloud infrastructure, and with erasure coding, you lower the cost per GB as well as the risk of data-recovery failure. And because Red Hat Gluster Storage uses a subscription model with predictable costs, budgeting is easy.

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Date: 03.06.2016
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 (CEST)