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10 things to consider when migrating from CentOS Linux to a new operating system

All Linux® distributions are not created equal. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux was a catalyst in the open source movement almost 30 years ago and remains a leading enterprise operating system (OS) today. Many rebuilds, especially free versions, are unproven, lack security certifications, and require additional staff and budget to support them.

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription is much more than the bits and code that make up an OS. It provides defined maintenance and update schedules, full support, security patches, a large ecosystem of certified partners, and long-term roadmaps.

Attend this webinar for 10 considerations when migrating from CentOS Linux to a new OS:

  • 5 critical factors for choosing an operating system.
  • 3 risks associated with free Linux distributions.
  • 2 ways to limit disruption during a migration.

Event date: Thursday, October 21 | 12:00pm ET

Speaker: Daniel J. Pacek, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat

Daniel J. Pacek

Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat

Dan Pacek is a Competitive Intelligence and Market Analyst at Red Hat. He performs ongoing, real-time research and analysis of customer requirements and vendor offerings in the enterprise server and software markets. Dan’s analysis is a key component in the development and deployment decisions that keep Red Hat's platform product and service offerings competitive.