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AI planning: Top 3 use cases and benefits

Rivedi il webinar del 24 marzo 2021
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Planning optimization—not machine learning—is the most profitable AI technology.

Running a business comes with many planning challenges, such as vehicle routing problems, maintenance scheduling, employee rostering, and task assignment. Find the quickest routes to visit n locations with k vehicles, or assign shifts to employees, taking into account skills and availability.

Few people realize how much AI algorithms improve those solutions compared to manual planning. For example, when telcos started using OptaPlanner’s AI planning algorithms to plan their fleet of technicians, many expected a driving time reduction of 1-2%. It was 25%. In some cases, the drive time reduction saves hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of kilograms of CO² emissions every year.

Join us and find out how to solve planning challenges in your industry with the AI algorithms of OptaPlanner.

This presentation will include:

  • The top 3 use cases of AI planning—challenges and complexity.
  • Why AI Planning beats human planning.
  • What customers tell us they achieved—by the numbers.
  • An AI planning demo.

Live event date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 11:00 AM CET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Ronald Meuwsen

Ronald Meuwsen

EMEA Go-To-Market Leader, Applications, Processes, AI, Red Hat

Ronald Meuwsen joined Red Hat in 2018. He heads business development for Red Hat® Application Services offerings in EMEA. He aims to enable businesses and organizations to innovate and grow, and is a strong believer that cloud-native application development, a process-driven approach, and a collaborative culture are key elements to help achieve that.

Geoffrey De Smet

Geoffrey De Smet

OptaPlanner lead, BSIG, Red Hat

Geoffrey De Smet is the founder and lead of OptaPlanner (, the open source AI constraint solver in Java™ that is used across the globe to automatically solve employee rostering, vehicle routing, task assignment, maintenance scheduling, and other planning problems. Geoffrey is also an international speaker.