How to use API-centric agile integration

Watch recording from 27 novembre 2018

Effective integration has become more complex with the advent of social, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), application programming interfaces (APIs), and cloud technologies. Organizations are tasked with developing an integration approach that is cost-effective and agile.

API-centric integration can allow organizations to more easily become:

  • Data-driven: Monetize the insights derived from a single and simple API management platform.
  • Agile: Adopt and introduce microservices and automation into your business processes, whether you’re pursuing a public, private, or hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Efficient: Work with flexible, modular, and lightweight tools to connect your data, leading to more seamless execution.

In this webinar we’ll:

  • Introduce the life cycle related to API-centric agile integration.
  • Walk through the various stages of the life cycle and show how tools and technologies can help to manage them.
  • Cover the perspectives of integration specialists and show the importance of citizen integrators.

Keith Babo

Keith Babo

senior principal product manager, Red Hat

Keith Babo, a senior principal product manager at Red Hat, leads product management for enterprise integration middleware. He helps promote API-centric strategy within Red Hat's product portfolio and with customers. Keith has previously held positions across the research and development (R&D), consulting, and product management teams at Sun Microsystems and Intel Corporation.