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Evolving from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes

Rivedi il webinar del 20 ottobre 2021
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After years of investment and effort, companies currently running Cloud Foundry (CF) are experiencing limitations and need a hybrid cloud platform built on Kubernetes to support containerizing and modernizing their existing stateful applications, as well as new cloud-native development.

Sharing real-world examples, this webcast will explore the paths, the nuances, and the tooling for existing Cloud Foundry customers to best embrace the benefits of Kubernetes and modern application development in their organization.

In this presentation attendees will discover:

  • Business benefits of moving to Kubernetes

  • Reasons organizations are migrating from Cloud Foundry to Red Hat® OpenShift®

  • Various approaches to migrating from Cloud Foundry to Red Hat OpenShift

  • Tools and best practices to accelerate a return on investment (ROI)

Live event date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 | 11 a.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Ed Keen

Senior Manager, Container Adoption Practice, Red Hat

Ed Keen is the Senior Manager of Red Hat’s container adoption practice. He focuses on implementing cloud-native development, as well as Red Hat® OpenShift® platform. He successfully led application modernization and digital transformation efforts at multiple companies and is passionate about bringing measurable outcomes through quick wins to start transformation journeys.

Austin Dewey

Senior Consultant, Red Hat

Austin Dewey is a Senior Consultant at Red Hat, focused on enabling customers in cloud and container technologies. He helped inspire success at different Fortune 500 companies through his expertise in Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift. Delivering projects centered around DevOps and automation, Austin guided many customers to production by building solutions that provide fast, safe, and stable deliveries.