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Exclusive Webinar for Comcast: OpenShift on Laptop Using CodeReady Containers

Watch recording from 28 gennaio 2020

Join Red Hat on this live Comcast-only webinar to learn about the various deployment options for the OpenShift Container Platform, which is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform. During this event, we will walk through the process of deploying it on a laptop using CodeReady Containers.


CodeReady Containers

CodeReady Containers brings a minimal, preconfigured OpenShift 4.1 or newer cluster to your local laptop or desktop computer for development and testing purposes. CodeReady Containers is delivered as a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machine that supports native hypervisors for Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.



  • What is Red Hat OpenShift
  • What are the deployment options for Red Hat OpenShift
  • How to deploy OpenShift on a laptop using CodeReady Containers
  • Limitations of CodeReady Containers

Amol Chobe

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Amol Chobe, a Principal Solution Architect with the cable and media client team at Red Hat, is an accredited technical architect with focus on cloud computing and containers technology.
His experience spans a variety of roles and business areas, including technical consultancy, business requirements analysis, technical architecture, application development, financial planning and deployment throughout the full project life-cycle.
Chobe has served in roles of providing internal IT management, hands-on support, pre-sales support, proof of concepts, partner support, training, implementation delivery of custom solutions and software products.