Increase your cloud velocity with Google Cloud, collections, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Watch recording from 4 dicembre 2019

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform features three new SaaS services for customers. Automation content collections make up one of these new features, giving users the flexibility and power to distribute, build and share automation content at their own pace. These content collections lower the barrier of entry for automation by providing a consistent content delivery mechanism with pre-built automation content from certified partners and Red Hat.

As an Ansible certified partner, Google Cloud will move their set of 150+ modules, inventory plugins, and more into an Ansible content collection. Learn how to download collections from Ansible Automation Hub, quickly migrate your Ansible Playbooks, and use the Google Cloud collection to quickly spin up cloud infrastructure.

The upcoming move to collections will allow users to receive new features quicker and choose which modules they would like from a larger range of choices. As an Ansible certified partner, Google Cloud will release one of the first Ansible collections. In this webinar, Google and Ansible will:

  • Explain the move to collections and why it benefits users.
  • Introduce the Google Cloud collection.
  • Show a demo of the Google Cloud collection working with Ansible Automation Platform.


Live event date: Wednesday, December, 4, 2019 | 12 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Alex Stephen

Software Engineer, Google

Alex has been at Google for over two years where his primary focus has been making Ansible and Google Cloud work well together. He's one of the 20 most active Ansible contributors and has submitted over 150 modules into the Ansible codebase.

John Lieske

Partner Engineer, Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat

John has been with Red Hat Ansible for nearly three years and has worn various technologist hats since 2003. He currently works with partners contributing content and building collections. John spends his down time illustrating when not trying to automate all the things.