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Red Hat at All Things Open 2020

Rivedi il webinar del 19 ottobre 2020
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Red Hat at All Things Open 2020

Visit the Red Hat booth to speak with our open source experts. As the largest open source company in the world, we build and support open source products from open source projects. With open source, we equip our customers for success.

Discuss Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 8, Red Hat OpenShift® 4 and talk all things open with our team.

Our Code is Open

Ask Our Experts

Date: Monday, October 19

Time: 3pm EDT

Host: Michael Elder, Senior Distinguished Engineer

Title: Introducing - How to deliver apps across clusters and clouds with consistent configuration management

Introducing Open Cluster Management, a community-driven project focused on multicluster and multicloud scenarios for Kubernetes apps. Open APIs are evolving within this project for cluster registration, work distribution, dynamic placement of policies and workloads and cluster and workload health management. In this session, Michael will introduce the project and demonstrate what you can do on OpenShift and Managed Kubernetes as a Service today from community operators on

Date: Tuesday, October 20

Time: 10:30am

Host: Dan Walsh, Senior Distinguished Engineer

Title: Meet the container plumbing team from Red Hat

This session will discuss and answer any questions you may have on container engines and runtimes. We will cover:

  • What is OCI and why is it important?
  • How open standards are allowing us to revolutionize the container world.
  • Container security
  • Replacing Docker with Podman 
  • Explain CLI
  • Explain Docker API
  • Building container images from scratch with Buildah
  • Managing your container images with Skopeo

Linux/Infrastructure Track Sponsorship

The Enable Sysadmin team is excited to sponsor and attend the Linux/Infrastructure track with All Things Open attendees. Discover daily tips, tricks, tutorials, and more at

Red Hat is proud to support, a premier, daily publication focused on open source and Linux tutorials, stories, and resources.

Date: Monday, October 19

Time:  1:00pm EDT

Speaker: Jen Wike Huger, Red Hat

Title: Write for!

Open Organization

Red Hat is proud to support the Open Organization community, a community-driven project dedicated to exploring how open principles change the ways we work, manage, and lead.

Date: Tuesday, October 20

Time: 10:30am EDT

Speaker: Jimmy Sjölund, Open Organization Ambassador

Title: Building Open Organizations