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Simplifying security and compliance risk management

Rivedi il webinar del 29 luglio 2021
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Security risk management is essential for businesses of all sizes, and especially for telcos. Red Hat® Insights is a suite of cloud services which simplifies many of the tasks that IT teams face when maintaining, optimizing, and scaling infrastructure. Red Hat Insights delivers key features that can help your IT teams take actions that can increase security, operational efficiency, and manage costs more confidently. See how Red Hat Insights can replace firefighting with analytics-driven processes. Find out how to use advanced tooling, such as automation, for out-of-the-box risk remediation. Explore ways to scale across your enterprise and gain a unified view across your complex environment.

Benefits offered include:

  • The opportunity to identify, prioritize, and resolve potential issues and manage costs across multi-cluster environments
  • Ways to view the costs associated with running an OpenShift environment
  • Automation analytics to help better understand your automation usage and establish common approaches and practices to automation workflows

Red Hat Insights has expanded to encompass Red Hat OpenShift® and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform. Some key takeaways we’ll cover include:

  • A better understanding of security and compliance requirements for businesses
  • What businesses are looking for in a security and automation toolset
  • How Red Hat Insights can help your business be more agile and robust

Rahul Vijayan

Senior Principal Technical Product Manager, Red Hat APAC

Rahul Vijayan is a product manager who helps customers identify and solve problems using next generation technologies. Rahul works on optimizing Red Hat solutions and products that matter to the current market. He has enjoyed working various roles in IT—including developer, engineer, delivery, and presales. Rahul is most satisfied solving business challenges for customers and helping them get to the next level.

Nicholas Chia

Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat APAC

Nicholas Chia spends much of his time engaging his audiences in both the enterprise and community spaces on Red Hat management and automation capabilities. Nicholas regularly conducts automation workshops and enjoys sharing experiences from his role in community meetups and events around the APAC region—including GovWare, Cloud Expo Asia, Security Exchange, and Ansible Automates.