How to Create an Architecture to Tackle Modern Integration Challenges

Watch recording from 5 luglio 2018

No industry is safe from being disrupted by nimble and fast moving new entrants. WhatsApp is a great example of a 50 person startup which almost wiped out the $33bn global SMS market of the Telco giants. Today's most important business capability is agility. How can an IT architecture enable the business' agility? In this webinar we discuss the principles of Agile Integration and apply those to a reference architecture. This is a successful approach to tackle the number one concern of our integration customers: increasing agility.

Manfred Bortenschlager

Manfred has 15 years of experience as API specialist, developer evangelist, software lab manager, senior researcher, and developer with a geeky passion for APIs and integration technologies. At Red Hat (after the acquisition of 3scale API Management), Manfred is responsible for business development of Red Hat's API-based Integration Middleware solutions in EMEA. He is directly involved in winning strategic opportunities. He leads many activities to grow awareness of the value of Integration and API Management and to establish strategic partnerships, to create thought leadership content, and support in API strategy consulting.