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Transformation takes practice: A user’s guide to the Open Practice Library

When it comes to your unique business challenges, a one-size solution does not fit all. It’s difficult to scale organizational frameworks to affect meaningful change. 

The Open Practice Library is a community-driven collection of exercises for making incremental progress along the product delivery cycle. Open practices in the library help cross-functional teams come together to extract the problem statement, define desired business outcomes, and work toward metrics-based goals. Combined with key technologies, open practices can break down organizational barriers, augment or migrate away from legacy systems, teach DevOps practices, or reduce technical debt, among other goals.

Webinar 1: Transform your team's rhythm of working—from idea to delivery

The Open Practice Library is an open source, community-driven library of practices and tools aimed to deliver real business value, for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. These practices are created, tested, and shared by the people who use them daily. The Open Practice Library is available for anyone looking to be inspired with new ideas to create better user experiences or to find innovative, proven ways to solve their challenges. In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The origin and organization of the Open Practice Library.
  • How you can use it to help your organization deliver efficient workflows and more effective applications.
  • How the Open Practice Library allows you to change direction, make decisions, adopt technology, and forge a collaborative culture.
  • How you can use, adopt, and contribute to the Open Practice Library.

Speakers: Donna Benjamin, Jerry Becker

Date/Time: August 26, 2021 | 11:00am ET

Webinar 2: Sneakers to Software: How creativity can catalyze an open cultural transformation

Innovation in retail, let alone the design for a sneaker, seems like it has nothing to do with technology. However, user research, defining problems, and designing innovative products are just a few parallels we can make between the software and retail world.

In this session we’ll show how a sneaker design and development processes demonstrate the same open practices to build software in an agile, collaborative, and progressive way. Join our experts as they discuss:

  • How sneaker design and technology design parallel one another through collaboration and practices to discover needs, problems, goals, and much more.
  • How you can research to understand customer problems and transform them into revolutionary solutions.
  • How you can take the practices and use them to improve processes and outcomes across your team, business, and organization.

Speakers: Riley G. Ikni, Gabriel Sampaio

Date/Time: September 22, 2021 | 11:00am ET

Webinar 3: Strategic innovation and culture at scale using the Mobius loop and open practices

What do an Irish Bank, a social impact movement, and a restaurant in London have in common? They each built a culture of innovation using the Mobius loop and open practices to create a strategy based on a continuous, iterative approach, and are now operating at scale. 

This session will focus on stories of innovation in the workplace and give you some tips to take back to your own business. Join our experts as they discuss:

  • How the head of an Irish challenger bank brought innovation into a traditional business culture.
  • How the founder of Peace Through Prosperity (PTP), a social impact group focused on preventing the spread of extremism in marginalized communities, is operating at scale with high impact business outcomes.
  • How a restaurant owner in London changed direction during the pandemic to build innovation into everything from onboarding new hires to radically repurposing his restaurant into a deli-supermarket in 5 hours.

Speakers: Tim Beattie, Gabrielle Benefield

Date/Time: October 20, 2021 | 11:00am ET