What’s new in Red Hat Satellite 6.4: Ansible automation and UX enhancements

Watch recording from 7 novembre 2018

What’s new in Red Hat Satellite 6.4: Ansible automation and UX enhancements

Red Hat® Satellite 6.4 embeds Ansible® automation for remote execution and desired state management, and it includes continued user interface (UX) enhancements. Some of the new features and enhancements we’ll cover include:

  • Usability—updated UX; vertical navigation; notification drawer; repositories, subscription, and auditing pages; and auto-publish of composite content views.      
  • Configuration management—Red Hat Satellite & Red Hat Ansible Tower integration, Puppet 5 requirement, and GIT pull request templates.   
  • Supportability—provisioning to AWS GovCloud, load-balanced capsules, database offload, Docker private repo, and preservation of custom configs.
  • Performance/stability—Red Hat Enterprise Linux® performance co-pilot integration, rebase of MongoDB, tuning for postgres, and other performance and stability fixes.

We’ll also show a short demo of using the Red Hat Satellite user interface to integrate different management portfolio products, review risks identified by Red Hat Insights, and create a plan to remediate risks that will run an Ansible Playbook to resolve those risks.


Live-event date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 | 12 p.m. ET

On-demand event date: Available for one year afterward.

John Spinks

principal technical marketing manager, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat

John Spinks, principal technical marketing manager for Red Hat® Satellite, has been in a technical marketing role for more than a decade. John's deep experience includes work with centralized management products, backup and recovery products, and databases and enterprise applications.