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Why the platform matters for containerised workloads

Watch recording from 18 febbraio 2020

A webinar exclusively for BMW Group

OpenStack at BMW Group has evolved over the last few years as the on-premise "Infrastructure-as-a-Service" cloud platform used for open source virtualization and containerization.

BMW Group’s current OpenStack provider, SUSE, has decided to cease production of new versions and to discontinue sales of their SUSE OpenStack Cloud product. Therefore BMW Group has asked Red Hat to demonstrate their OpenStack capabilities.

Red Hat is one of the top community members and open source contributors to the OpenStack project. In addition, Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform solution has been tightly integrated and collaboratively engineered to run on-top of Red Hat OpenStack Platform for on-premise use-cases. Using Red Hat platforms for both OpenStack-based virtualization and OpenShift-based containerization will maximize the benefits of the BMW Group on-premise cloud.

Join us to learn:

  • What Red Hat OpenStack Platform is, and what its benefits are

  • Why Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a great place to run OpenShift Container Platform

  • What we’re doing from a technical perspective to support the product integration

  • What the roadmap looks like going forward


Rhys Oxenham

Rhys Oxenham

Senior Manager, Field and Customer Engagement, Red Hat

Rhys joined Red Hat in early 2009 and spent many of those years specialising in virtualisation and private cloud platforms, including OpenStack, and leads a global team of technical experts working with some of Red Hat’s most strategic and high-value accounts to drive success within emerging technologies. More recently, Rhys’ team has been leading the way in customer adoption of container orchestration platforms, namely OpenShift, and the integration with existing customer investments, including OpenStack and traditional virtualisation solutions.

Martin Reinke

Martin Reinke

Global Account Solution Architect for BMW Group, Red Hat

Martin Reinke is responsible for the VW Group and BMW Group global accounts. Martin joined Red Hat in 2014, bringing with him over 25 years experience in the IT industry, focused on IT infrastructure and software solutions in finance, retail and manufacturing. 

Before joining Red Hat Martin worked at IBM, designing and delivering comprehensive IT solutions to his clients. As a Red Hat Certified Engineer, IBM Certified Senior Architect and The Open Group Master Certified IT Architect, Martin’s technical credentials are impeccable. He also holds a degree in business administration and informatics.