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Red Hat subscriptions for the academic market brief

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Colleges, universities and academic institutions face unique challenges. Whether committing to student success, researching solutions to society’s top issues, or maintaining a healthy population, higher education is a market like no other. Red Hat academic offerings were created to help educational institutions build out their IT infrastructure while avoiding vendor-lock in, reducing costs, and creating scalable and sustainable IT environments. 

Red Hat products and solutions are ready-made for institutions of higher learning to:

  • Run enterprise applications, such as learning management and student information systems, on an open, secure foundation
  • Rapidly modernize legacy education and operational applications with developer toolkits and container platforms. 
  • Achieve unified management of traditional, virtualized environments and cloud-based infrastructure. 
  • Improve interoperability with other technology vendors.
  • Build public, private, and hybrid clouds. 

Whether in an administrative, educational, or research-oriented capacity, Red Hat provides various software, products, and services to educational institutions interested in using commercially-supported open source technologies. 


The Red Hat Infrastructure Site Subscription (RHISS) provides a single campus access to these major Red Hat enterprise products: 

A site subscription may be used by faculty, staff, and students in both non-production and production environments within the institution. 


Red Hat academic offerings help you get more IT for your money by offering campus-wide subscriptions across all departments based on full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. FTEs are calculated as follows: 

  • All full-time faculty and staff are considered one unit.
  • Part-time staff are considered a half of a unit.
  • Part-time faculty are considered a third of a unit.
image container Figure 1. Faculty and Staff FTE unit calculations

For example: If you have 2,000 full-time faculty, 1,500 part-time faculty, 1,000 full-time staff, and 500 part-time staff, the FTE number is calculated as 2,000 + (1500 ÷ 3) + 1,000 + (500 ÷ 2) = 3,750 FTEs.

Red Hat Infrastructure Site Subscription - Standard$34 per FTEStandard
Red Hat Infrastructure Site Subscription - Premium$55 per FTEPremium

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 

What if my FTE number ends with a fraction? 

  • If the total FTE number ends in a fraction, the total number is rounded to the next unit. For example: A 2,500 1⁄2 FTE number rounds to 2501 FTEs.

Is there a minimum requirement to participate in the site subscription programs?

  • Yes. The minimum FTE number requiree is 1,000.

Do I have to subscribe for my entire institution? 

  • Yes. The program is for the entire institution.


Red Hat academic offerings are intended to support education initiatives in the academic community at an affordable price.

  • In the United States, these academic offerings are only available to accredited institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Subscription pricing is available to valid institutions and users (i.e., teachers, students, staff, researchers, etc.) affiliated with the institution. 
  • An educational institution is an organization, such as a primary or secondary school, college, or university that has a regularly scheduled curriculum, a regular faculty, and a regularly enrolled student body in attendance at a place where educational activities are regularly carried out. 
  • Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) operated by an academic institution do not qualify for academic subscriptions.
  • Verification of eligibility based on accreditation status can be determined at